Wriggles & Robins Novartis Commercial and VO

Thanks to Matt, Tom and Javier at Wriggles & Robins for a great shoot and VO session.  Great concept showing me ageing without treatment, then rewinding and starting again.  I was aged by Andrea, (brilliant makeup artist) into my 70's, then brough back to a version of me that looked suspiciously like Simon Cowell.  The VO session was at 750MPH and could have degenerated to a scene from Toast, but didn't.  Yes I can hear you Clem Fandango.  Great fun all round and the finished item is a gem.

Virgin Yammer Promo

Fun shoot incorporating a green screen, shorts and t shirts, a barbeque and an alpaca!  Once again, great cast and crew, and a great looking video.

EE Robin Commercial Businessman

All singing, all dancing Saatchi commercial for EE aired before Christmas around X Factor and I'm A Celebrity!  I'm in a suit in a lift on my phone.  Kid asks 'Daddy, where do babies come from', and we all smirk at his avoidance with the new Robin. Short and sweet, good fun and great cast and crew.

Tinie Tempah Photoshoot

Had a Dodge Charger Adventure delivering my brother in law's Orange Dodge Charger to a Tinie Tempah photoshoot in Shoreditch.  Great shoot, nice guy, car threw its toys out of the pram!  Managed to coax it back to base though.

Steve Nallon Impersonation Workshop

Had a wonderful and engaging workshop with the great Steve Nallon (Margaret Thatcher in Spitting Image).  Thanks to James at Equity for arranging it.

A Very British Adventure John The Builder

Feature film shot in sunny Evesham, masquerading as Stratford upon Avon.  I play the part of John, a builder who just happens to stumble upon the lost folio of William Shakespeare.  Fun shoot directed by Charis Orchard with a great bunch of actors and crew.  Looking forwrd to seeing the film.

Top Gear Audition Tapes

I know it's a publicity stunt, but I've sent a couple of self tapes in to the Top Gear offices.  Not holding my breath on this one

Business Questionnaire VO Businessman

I did a direct VO for a business questionnaire which went smoothly.  The client was happy.  Hope to work with them again.

Joseph and Joseph LinkedIn comedy Businessman

This has just gone live on Youtube, a really fun shoot by Joseph and Joseph about the stupid things people say on their LinkedIn profiles.  One of them is Richard Branson's.

Range Rover on PistonHeads TV

My Supercharged Range Rover in the Cotswolds video is on Pistonheads TV.  Check it out here:


Living the dream

Casting Call Pro Actor Of The Week

I'm thrilled to be Casting Call Pro's Actor Of Th Week!  And by the way, it was Left Twix.


Cresta Run In February

Just completed the Cresta Run in St. Moritz.  Exhilirating and scary in equal measures.  Kitted out in medieval armour of spiked boots, knee and elbow pads, and metal hand guards, plus a crash helmet.  It's like doing a parachute jump, but without the parachute, hitting ice walls all the way down.  I was the fastest beginner on the day with a time of 67 seconds.  The 40kg Toboggan has limited steering and you basically hold on for dear life all the way down at the edge of control.

Sexy Juice Panikos

Just filmed a short film called Sexy Juice at Met Film. Thanks to Charlotte, Colin my co-star, and the crew, for a really fun script and shoot.  We will be on Nissi Beach in Ayia Nappa thanks to the magic of Green Screen.


Took part in the quiz show 15-1 filmed in Glasgow with the lovely Sandy Toksvig and a great bunch of fellow contestants.  Spent the best part of a week up there, got to see the city and made some new friends.  Crashed and burned on my first show, didn't do too badly on the other two, but no prize for me in the end.

New Year, New Agent

I have a new agent/manager Nic Knight at Nic Knight Management.  Really looking forward to the new year ahead.

Mona Feature Film Proencza

I played the Portuguese secret police commander Proencza in the Anthony Abuah film 'Mona'.  It is a bit like 'Day of the Jackal', but set in London with a hit on the Portuguese President.  Here are a few stills from the production.